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Middle Egypt And Oasis 10 Days:
Cairo 02 nights, Fayoum 01 night, EL minya 02 nights, Assuit 01 night, Kharga 03 nights.

Day 01:
Arrival Cairo, transfer to your hotel. free at leisure.

Day 02:
Visit the Pyramids and Sphinx. free at leisure.

Day 03:
Drive to Fayoum visit Karanis oldcity ,Kom Oshiem Museum,Temple and Pyramids of Amenemhat. Qasr Qarun Temple of Greco Roman Overnight in Fayoum.

Day 04:
Early morning drive to El-Minya 241 Km south of Cairo on the west bank of the Nile is the center of a region rich in archaeological sites . via Beni Suef, El Fashn wherem you will visit Amun Temple ,at Beni Mazar visit the Ruins of El-Bahnasa Monastry and Deir El-Miharraq.overnight inMinya.

Day 05:
Visit of Necropolis at Minya continuing on to Beni Hassan.the tour also includes a visit to the Temple of Thoth and the ruins of a large Coptic Church dating to the th century A.D on to Tel El-Amarna 55 Km south of Minya on the east bank. visit Akhenaton and Nefertiti who built a whole city dedicated to his own god ,Aton overnight in Minya.

Day 06:
Full day visit to Hermopolis,50 Km south of Minya this city was called Khmunu by the Egyptians and renamed Hermopolis by the Greeks the city was dedicated to the Thoth, the god of wisdom .Two huge statues of baboons, animals sacred toThoth, still stand among ruins of Temples .continue to Tuna El-Gabel .60Km southwest of Minya.is a Necropolis of tombs dating from Ptolenanc times. overnight in Minya.

Day 07:
Drive to Kharga Oasis (470 Km) Stop for short rest in Assuit. Arrive Kharga in the afternoon, lunch at hotel .visit toHibis Temple one of the Temples built for the worship of god Amon ,lies about 2 Kms north El-Kharga,and dates back to the XXVI Dynasty. On its walls,the religious life of the ancient Egyptian,the story of king Narmer and unification of upper and lower Egypt are pictured. its importance lies in the fact that represents the Pharaonic ,Persian, Ptolemaic andRoman historical ages and visit El-Bagawat cemetery,it's a cemetery dating from the third to the 7 th century A.D.,comprising 263 chapels amidst which can be considered one of the oldest Coptic Churches. Return back to the hotel in the evenining Barbeque in the desert with Folklor dance.

Day 08:
Drive to Dakhla Oasis (187 Km) on our way visit Bashandi Monuments , it is built in the Pharaonic style,comprising a tompb dating back to the the Islamic era (17 cent .A.d.) visit Mout Monuments it is the ancient town whose history dates back to the Pharonic era.lunch in Mout ,visit El-Kasr Islamic village,located 35 Kms .from the Dakhla,and is considered one of the Islamic features of the New Valley Governorate ,as its building were constructed in the Islamic architectural style then to El-Mezawaga tombs: about 40Kms fromEl-Dakhla,it is a cemetery dating back to the Roman age there are as well the most two ,important tombs for "Badi Ouzir" and "Sadi Ouzir" dinner ,overnight in Kharga.

Day 09 - 10:
Early morning departure to Cairo (lunch in Assuit) evening free. Transfer to Cairo airport for final departur.


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